If you are sad, don’t worry you’re not depressed

Shiraaz got a back paper in the semester exam of economics, he said, “I am depressed”. Jennifer didn’t get her pocket money this month and she couln’t buy her favourite dress. To this situation, she said,” I am depressed”. For many of us, this is the most common phrase we use in our daily lives. But do you really think that your present situation of sadness  is worth  of using this phrase? It may be , but most of the times it is not. Depression is something more grave in its depth .

“I don’t fear death so much as I fear its prologue: loneliness, decrepitude, pain, debilitation, senility. After a few years of those, I imagine death presents like a holiday at a beach”.      – Mary Roach, renowned author.

A man is sitting and feeling directionless.

Depression is basically a mood disorder. Now that doesn’t mean that a person in “BAD” mood is depressed .It is much more than the feeling of sadness. Depression is a serious medical condition in which the person has this constant feeling of being hopeless and anxious .Other symptoms may include insomnia, incompetence, loss of interest in activities .It interferes with his or her daily routine activities.

“Depressed” isn’t the person who is screaming out for help. It is the silent person who is fighting a never ending battle with himself.

a man feeling lonely even in acrowd of people

It is not necessary that the saddest person in the room is depressed, or he is the melancholy person who nobody wants to talk to. Many a times, the most unexpected person comes out to be depressed. The one who seems to be very happy may have become successful in convincing you that they are happy; or they are trying to convince themselves to be so.

 A person doomed in darkness can feel the tender touch of sunlight. A person who is getting suffocated by his own thoughts has the right to take a breath of fresh air. Yes, depression is something which can be cured. It must be treated just as any other disease for which you go to the doctor. The doctor (psychiatrist) will help that person to free himself from this intricate cage and will enable him to lead a normal, happy and carefree life.


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